• By Investing 1000’s of hours in Laboratory Planet series developed this durabilityperformance product with combination of 8gm of InnoBio BCAA’s + 5gm of Glutamine + 1.4gm of Coconut water. Which helps an athelte for a powerpack performance with both BCAA’s & Glutamine which are anticatobolic which are key in helping build & maintain muscle mass with combination of coconut water which will help controlling fluid balance. Regulating blood pressure & mainly help in muscle contract.
  • Planet Series BCAA + Glutamine is made with InnoBio Instantizece BCAA’s Possibally One of the best BCAA’s in the market which produce a clear, clean tasting, non-foaming & non-floating product without any residue.
  • Combination of 8gm of InnoBio BCAA’s  + 5gm of Glutamine.
  • It also combines Vitamin-C covering atleast 100% of daily amount of Nutrients Recommended by the Health authorities for the proper functioning of immune

Every“MSHIELD” Nutritional supplement undergoes multiple stringent quality checks at each supplement.


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